Recent scientific discoveries have found that Cancer is a metabolic disease and NOT a genetic disease as we have all led to believe. Identifying the exact cause of cancer has proven tricky for scientists. However, one common feature of  cancer cells is the damaged mitochondria, an organelles within the cells. These mitochondria in cancer cells were observed to be damaged and can no longer efficiently to produce energy. This causes cancer cells to revert to an ancient and inefficient method of energy production needing a lot more sugar and  little oxygen. In fact, this was already discovered way back in 1932 by Nobel Prize Dr Otto Warburg. His work is now being actively researched by Dr Thomas Seyfried who also authored a book in 2012, Cancer is a Metabolic Disease.
   Our approach to reversing cancer is a new and exciting alternative less toxic  protocol to traditional mainstream medical approach. And thanks to the many years of research by the physicians and scientists of Otto Warburg, Thomas Seyfried, and many others, we know beyond a shadow of doubt that a low-glycemic, ketogenic diets, correct supplementation and energy therapies are an integral part of an effective anticancer protocol.  Talk to Us today and we will be happy to present valuable information that you will not hear from mainstream medical. +65 9113-3822
Key discoveries and research paving the way to a new approach in the management and prevention of cancer. This is a shift away from the more toxic approach of chemo and radiation therapy towards a healthier and more invigorating therapy that is gaining attention all around the world. Its not all about killing cancer cells but achieving a healthy electrochemistry terrain within. - Peter Tan, Cancer Survivor, Founder of Apcot