Metabolic Approach to Reversing Cancer

The reality is that cancer is a complex disease with numerous factors playing a role, no one fully understands it all, but we don’t have to. We just need to know sufficient to prevent and reverse the disease.
  If we can discover something common to every cancer cell, interfering with this common element would be powerful approach to help us prevent and reverse the cellular malfunction we call cancer.
  Remember cancer is not just the tumor. it is a biological process that requires conditions to operate. Tumors are the symptoms and products of this process. 
  Once a person has developed cancer, even though treatments get it to remission, it will recur again unless the body conditions that allowed it in the first place are corrected. To beat cancer, you have to cut down the process.

So the question is what is the common feature of cancer cells despite all of  cancer’s complexity ? A damaged mitochondria.  When the mitochondrial within a cell fails, that cell will become cancerous.
  This idea is not a new one and it is known as the metabolic theory of cancer and first introduced by Dr Otto Warburg in the 1920s, and for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.
  What makes sense in Warburg’s claim is in line with the basic biology that the mitochondria are the “factories” of the cell, in charge of producing energy (through aerobic respiration) and of telling the cell when to reproduce and when to die. Hence this would mean that damage to a cell’s mitochondria will in turn cause a cell to mutate and behave cancerously.
The cancer treatments of today are based on the somatic mutation theory which asserts that when a cell endures extensive damage to its genetic DNA material, it eventually reaches a point where it goes rouge and becomes cancerous. Cancer treatments and research have been locked within this tiny confine of this tenet and the problem is that this focus is not getting us any closer to preventing or curing this scary, heartbreaking, expensive and painful disease.
The American Cancer Society asserts that cancer is a collection of over a hundred different diseases and imbalances. More recent research is discovering that it is a singular disease of energy metabolism. All cancer cells regardless cellular origin, use fermentation (the Warburg effect) to generate energy, which is different than how healthy cells produce energy.
  This common defect of energy production dysfunction is why targeting metabolism will target all cancers to some degree. This metabolic approach to cancer is a naturopathic program that is based on the healing powers of nature and it supports and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. This approach to cancer treatment aims to reverse cancer through the use of a nutrition program and the increasing the efficiency of the energy production cycle at the mitochondria. We call this metabolic approach to cancer treatment as N.I.C.E (Nutrition & Increasing Cellular Energy).
Why I believed Warburg’s discoveries and Dr Seyfried’s Work. My Own personal journey to reverse cancer.
The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in the normal cells by a fermentation of sugar.  – Dr Otto Warburg.
   I knew from my biology studies that there  is no substitute for oxygen in regards to maintaining human life. If there is not an adequate amount of oxygen in a cell, then energy production is unavoidably restricted. When energy production is inadequate to meet cellular needs, then many cells operations do not proceed normally allowing cancer and other disease to occur. This is because toxicity, emotional stress, physical trauma, infections, reduction of atmospheric oxygen from improper breathing, nutritional status, lack of exercise will affect oxygen levels in our bodies.


   Researchers have found than an increase of 1.2 metabolic units (oxygen consumption) was related to a decreased risk of cancer death, especially in lung and gastrointestinal cancers. Science have known this for a while now that low oxygenation can accelerate malignant progression and metastasis, thereby creating poorer prognosis irrespective of which cancer treatment used.
   Another beneficial effects of oxygen i discovered in my research then was increase of oxygen intake on a regular basis can weaken immunosuppression and awaken anti-tumor cells. This in turn, could improve cancer immunotherapy and shrink tumours by unleashing anti T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.


   The therapy  that i have designed that can be done in the home everyday promises to improve blood circulation within the body leading to an increase in oxygen delivery to the destination cells. Within a short period of time, one of the first few noticeable beneficial effects would be higher levels of energy and wellbeing. This is an essential step to helping our bodies journey to healing itself.


Peter Tan
Founder  of Apcot
Cancer Survivor