Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy, common known as PEMF, is energy medicine. It is modeled after the earth’s own electromagnetic pulse to improve blood circulation and cell metabolism. Human bodies are alive and healthy because of electromagnetic field emitting from mother earth into our bodies and cells.

PEMG therapy introduces a low frequency PEMF that recharges the cells of the body, allowing them to float freely, increasing their effective functioning area and consequently enhancing blood circulation leading to better oxygenation and hydration. At the same time cellular ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins from the body is greatly increased. PEMF therapy essentially is cellular exercise.

Apcot is the authorised South East Asian distributor of Elamed PEMF medical and health devices. Our product range includes the award winning Almag series as well as our own OEM PEMF devices, Cell Energy series, also manufactured by Elamed for the Asian market and especially designed for those struggling with serious  chronic conditions.   

All New Cell Energy Metabolic / Cell Energy 3

Two new 3-Program models suitable for young children, and adults with chronic metabolic conditions. Metabolic  PEMF model emits special frequencies for improved oxygen delivery to the destination cells. This OEM model is not available elsewhere in any other portable models.  CE3 model can be used over the cranial areas for neuro-protective effects and improved brain performance. The CE3 model is also suitable for young children.

Cell Energy Neurie 

A Unique 4-Program PEMF model designed specially for Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Separate programs  available for circadian rhythm, repair , blood circulation and memory and neuro-regeneration. Improved cognitive performance have been reported  with continued used. Neurie Models differs from Almag 03 series in its programs and is safe and gentle to the brain with no side effects. 

Cell Energy (CE) / CE Plus

An easy to use model for both children and the elderly. Gentle and energising PEMF frequency and reduces pain, improves blood circulation and triggers cellular detoxification and repair. CE models comes in a full kit and are improved  from the award winning Almag 01 models for moisture and efficacy. A great must have starter PEMF Model.

Almag 02 Plus

A full PEMF home therapy model with 79 + 1 Programs. With 12 difference frequencies to cater for the whole body’s cellular system.  Almag 02 Plus model comes with full kit and instructions with a carrying case for portability. Several programs promises immediate rejuvenating effects after just 40 mins of use. A needed companion for people struggling with serious health conditions.   


A powerful and portable handheld dual PEMF- acoustic device that delivers almost immediate pain relief over joints and muscle skeletal areas.  Increased healing can be experienced with improved blood circulation and oxygenation.  


A unique specialised PEMF device for male adults with challenging prostate health conditions. Device has triple therapy action of vibration, sound and PEMF emission for anti-inflammatory and healing outcomes.  

Almag 01 (International Units Online Exclusive Only)

This award winning PEMF  model is in its 15th year of production. This PEMF model have been featured in PEMF documentaries and training videos. A durable and reliable model for the Asian region. 

Almag + (International Units Online Exclusive Only)

A recently launched 3-program model that caters for both the very young and old. Model includes an anti-inflammatory frequency. Model comes with a full kit of strap and holding sleeves.