The metabolic theory of cancer – which was first introduced by Otto Warburg in the 1920s, and for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize – claims that damage to the cells’s mitochondria is what cause a cell to behave  cancerously.  This explanation made sense to me because I knew from basic biology that the mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell. It is in charge of producing energy and of telling cells when to reproduce and when to die.  With cellular energy, apoptosis (programmed cell death) can then occur. Isn’t that exciting?
   It was precisely knowing this science that made me decide not to place too much hope on convention treatments but instead search for alternative cancer therapies back in late 2015 when I was diagnosed with late stage 4 non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  I was glad I took that bold step out into alternative cancer therapy approach in search of reversing cancer. Following closely the research work of Dr Thomas Seyfried, I was convinced that the science behind the Metabolic Approach to Cancer was  too compelling to ignore.  It is also my belief that such a beneficial therapy will become more widespread in its use.
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  Since my remission in early 2016, I made a career switch out of Brain-based therapy to helping anyone who is keen to consider an alternate path to reversing cancer that is more energizing, less invasive, toxic and damaging to the body than convention treatments. As  cancer is not a simple disease to deal with, the journey though challenging at times, can be an illuminating for one. Through my own journey and many others, what we discovered is not just a better understanding of the innate body healing secrets and abilities that it holds but also a positive and fulfilling experience throughout. This enriching knowledge of alternate cancer healing approaches can then be shared to help others who are also in great need. 
   Call Us today +65 9113-3822 to find out more how this ground-breaking metabolic therapy can help bring the body back to homeostasis – body’s tendency back to relatively stable equilibrium and balance. What you will receive from this information sessions will be valuable information that you will never hear from your doctor. You will also experience powerful energizing healing effects from the recommended therapies. This experience will become a critical life-changing point in your healing journey like myself and so many others. I can assure you that many will be surprised at the results within a relatively short period of time.
*A zoom session can be arranged on how this powerful therapy can help in reversing cancer through Whatsapp. 
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